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Well everybody’s heard of Leeroy Jenkins haven’t they? …and the time Serenity Now ganked that funeral …and the epic space war that continuously rages back and forth in Eve Online … I could go on.

The fact is that MMOs provide a great backdrop for epic gaming experiences. Not from the games themselves but those generated by a world made up of thousands of real people.

And that’s what this site’s all about. A place to collect and catalogue all the highs, lows, ownage, epic failure and the sheer randomness of online gaming in to one place.

Welcome to MMO-Stories.org!

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MMO-Stories needs you! This is a community based site and as such we need contributions from gamers, the more the better!

Come on! You must have done something interesting in your gaming life! Even if it was getting totally ganked and then teabagged by a 5 year old – It doesn’t matter what the story is about, as long as it’s interesting and complies with The Rules.

Also, Joining The Website is easy: its free, it only takes a couple of minutes and it allows you to comment on other people’s stories and post your own. Also, we Don’t Spam or pass on your information to anyone else… We made this site because we think it'll be awesome - we’re not in it for the money.

About Us

Well let’s just say we have wasted a large portion of our lives playing MMOs. A whole host of games including WoW, EVE, LoTRO,Tabula Rasa (and soon SW:ToR!) have been graced by our presence… for better or worse…

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