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Boss Fight

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All games have bosses - They're big hard bastards that lurk deep inside dungeons and can usually take on whole armies of adventurers at the same time. They represent the pinnacle of all the challenges that an MMO can throw at you. And also if you do manage to kill them then their internal anatomy seems to be made exclusively out of epic weapons and armor, which is odd but nice.


15 Stories for this category so far
Awesome, Huge, Immense, Awe inspiring - Any event or action that can be described in these terms can be justifiably referred to as being epic - and so can my penis. Stories in this category should be a cut above the rest - detailing immense victories against hordes of bad guys or huge events in the game or, again, my penis.


7 Stories for this category so far
The art of fucking up. In a game as big and complex as your average MMO there are endless ways to fail: maybe you wiped your group by attacking when noone else was ready, maybe you pressed left instead of right and fell off a cliff, maybe triggered the bomb early and blew your own team to pieces by accident. Note: don't mix failure up with being a n00b - a n00b doesn't know any better, but anyone else who fails is definitely an idiot.

Griefing / Ganking

8 Stories for this category so far
Griefing is all about annoying the hell out of other players - basically doing anything that makes it harder for them to play their game and therefore allowing you to extract a form of sadistic amusement. Ganking is a specialised form of griefing someone by killing them, then killing them again, then camping their corpse, then teabagging said corpse and so on until they log off in tears or you get bored and move on to someone else.


12 Stories for this category so far
Tales of horrible misfortune that has befallen our members: Wiping on a boss when he has 1% health left, clearing a jump gate to find a vast armada of pirate ships waiting for you, logging in to your account to find all your posessions have been sold off by a sneaky chinese hacker and so on. These things can be gutting when they happen to you... but it's always funny to read about other people's misfortune :-)


11 Stories for this category so far
= Hacker: I.e. someone who is using cheats, exploits, bots and other ways of manipulating the game to their advantage. Basically they're all cheating bastards! Hacks can range from innocent exploits, used mostly for fun or by accident - all the way to deliberate attempts to ruin the game or plunder all its resources.


6 Stories for this category so far
N00b is short for Newbie - I.e. someone who is new to the game and therefore doesn't have a clue what they're doing. Your average MMO takes ages to learn how to play properly. As a consequence Mr or Mrs n00b will spend a good amount of time asking stupid questions, dying, getting lost, dying, aggroing mobs twice their level and generally running around like idiots... All of which can be highly amusing to everyone else.


6 Stories for this category so far
The art of kicking someone's ass. Do not confuse owning someone with simply beating them - it's a whole different level. To truly own you have to win in style, you have to humiliate your oponent so that they can't put up any excuses to explain why you won. Instead they have to go away with the realisation that you are just far far better than them in every way.


4 Stories for this category so far
PvP means player Vs player fighting. I.e. you're not battling against random AI controlled monsters but another geek sat at another computer somewhere else in the real world. In most MMOs PvP is only a sideline to the main action, so it normally forms a sub-community of Addative fueled potty mouthed ADHD kids who can swear like a sailor but don't know what half the words actually mean.


7 Stories for this category so far
Crying: in smiley-speak the'QQ' is supposed to look like a pair of eyes with tears in them... I don't make 'em up I just write 'em down. Anyway, if you consider that MMOs are basically an equal split of nerds and kids then you'll quickly realise exactly how much crying goes on...


10 Stories for this category so far
Rofls: funny stuff. Rofl is internet speak for 'rolling on the floor laughing'. Therefore ROFL is generally considered to be greater than LOL and roughly on a par with LMAO in the great pantheon of talking crap on the internet. Stories posted in this section can be about anything, as long as they tickle your funny bone in some way.


4 Stories for this category so far
Role Playing. I.e. getting so in to the game that every word or action you make in it is totally in character for the 3 foot tall dwarf wizard that you happen to be playing. Yup, its sad - and as far as I can tell it involves sticking 'Ye Olde' on the front of every sentance and then nipping off behind the local tavern for some hardcore cyber action.

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