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Uploading Images

If you want to add an image to a story then you must upload it somewhere first.

We don't host your images ourselves, instead we just link to them.

If you have no web space of your own, there are plenty of sites out there that you can use. We'd recommend Photobucket, although Flikr or even Facebook are probably just as good.

When you add an image to this site you will then be asked to provide a url (or address) that points to it. This must be the full address, starting with 'http://' and ending with the filename of the image:

For example:

This will then be checked when you hit the 'Add Image' button. If it's typed in correctly we'll display the image, otherwise you'll get an error message and you should check that you typed it in correctly.

Also: to save on everyone's bandwidth, we've imposed a maximum picture size of 1024x768. So if your image is bigger than that then you'll have to trim it down in paint or something before uploading it.

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