Alvarez left the restricted area Huiqiao, Messi pockets








25 October 2012

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51 minutes, Iniesta breakthrough Dimaliya Pepe edge of the box to the  Jordan Fly Wade 2 feet caused by white lying on the ground, Pepe denounced opponents, the referee gave the corner. The first 53 minutes, C Luo with ball forward, Busquets behind tackles foul booked, C Luo kick pumping human wall. 60 minutes, Messi Road breakthrough by Alonso shovel from behind, who escaped a second yellow card, Messi free kick left foot pocket a curve ball, the ball from the wall Khedira and this Benzema passing between, affixed to the right side of the column to fly into dead ends 2-1. [ The first 64 minutes, C Luo undercut did not play on it fell heavily to the ground. The door to the first 65 minutes, midfielder Alonso ball Ozil straight Se Basa line of defense behind Adriano offside trap failed, C Luo le-throw ball low shot and then break Valdes,2-2 . [68 minutes, C Luo turned to sit on the floor clutching his shoulder hit the door was blocked, suspected injuries. After 1 minute, Alvarez left the restricted area Huiqiao, Messi pockets Shepian the the far corner.
75 minutes
 Adidas adiPower Howard 3 before Lionel Messi was Arbeloa foul, his free kick pocket shot higher after one minute, Higuain bottom line right before the small angle shot Valdes closed out. 88 minutes, Barcelona consecutive passes, Montoya periphery long slightly refracted drawn beams pop-up. Celtic overseas preseason 105-75 victory over Olimpia Milano, Italy, achieved the first victory of the season. Before the first preseason game against Fenerbahce in the contest, the Celtics lost by 91-97....... Rondo 17 points and six assists, Green 17 points, Paul Pierce 14 points, Courtney - 11 points, Bath 11 points and eight rebounds, Terry 11 points, nine rebounds and four blocked shots, Milicic, Kevin Garnett (micro- Bo) and four rebounds. Celtics game hit rate reached 50%, three-point shooting is as high as 60%, the offensive end is quite smooth. The first section of the game Rondo, such as unhindered, the
Milan defense
 Cheap Kobe 7 Shoes in front of him just like clouds. Single game he personally 7 shots, including hits a record pointers, personal grabbed 17 points. But the home team's attack is the same unambiguous, Rondo Guards performances in front of both the points difference is not large, the Celtics leading only 34-31. However, the second section of open play, despite drastic changes in lvshanjun both offense and defense at the same time strengthened by virtue of the wave 18-2 impact instantly opened the score, both Harding Park half score became 55-42 Celtics established 12 point lead. Ex situ battles green jersey army to continue to expand the advantage, they shot a wave of 12-0 shock in that section, and three of warfare after the score became 81-59, a full 22 points ahead of Celtic. 22 points, a huge advantage for the home team in terms of just like a natural moat, not to mention the the last one lvshanjun ruthlessly, is the climax of a wave of 18-2 will play


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