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29 October 2010


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I'm sure there is a saying about giving a beggar a pound and getting something in return, this stands tall and true for this story from when I first started playing World of Warcraft.

My first character, Légend, a Night Elf Hunter, was level 40 at the time. I was just getting back into levelling after I convinced my girlfriend (Who was 70 at the time) to buy my cheap, 60% ground mount. Since it was about 450 gold for the mount and training at the time.

Anyway, I got back to levelling, I think it was Dusk wallow Marsh or wherever the Onixia raid was, when another player came up to me asking for some money for repairs and a new weapon. I had 4 gold with me at the time (This is basically all I had accumulated of my own) I gave him 2 gold of my money and he thanked me and said 'I will pay you back'

Months later when I had hit 80 with my Death Knight and my Hunter, I had a whisper from the same character he used all that time ago, 'How are you? Remember me?' (Had to say I didn't) After he explained what i had done, he explained he was on a different server now and invited me to play there for a while. We levelled Death Knight's on his server together, with him keeping us both in the best items we could wear all the way through (Buying from the AH, crafting etc.) When we finally reached 80 on his server, he bought me the best BoE Purple items he could from the AH at the time (This is just before ToTC I believe) and handed me 1000 gold.

This is a true story that I believe to have some meaning, that when you give out a helping hand to someone, the gesture will always make it's way back around to you, be it sooner or later.
Héavenswrath, Server Best Death Knight Tank!

Azjol - Nerub EU


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Great story. I love hearing stories like these

Author: Anonymous | Posted: 11/11/2012 10:23:09

That'll be 50,000% profit then dude :-) Great story though, makes me feel warm inside!

Author: Anonymous | Posted: 30/10/2010 10:14:22

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