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25 October 2010


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When the Nightfall expansion hit GuildWars, players found away to exploit their new spells to make themselves totally impervious to all forms of attack!

The hack centred on the monk class in the game. Monks are hybrid healer & damage dealers that have many spells and abilities for damage mitigation.  Some of these (in the right combination) capped off the maximum amount of damage received in a single hit to a certain percentage of the monk’s health.

Now the genius of the bulletproof spec is that you can take advantage of this effect by actually nerfing the hell out of your health points. The lower your health pool, then the lower the value of the incoming damage.

So for example:

If you have, say, 500 maximum health and you’ve capped off incoming damage to 10% then every big hit you receive will take 50hp off.

However if you have reduced your health to only 100hp then the same hit would only damage you for 10hp (i.e. 10% of 100)

Then to complete the picture you add passive healing in to the mix.

Now your healing and rejuvenation effects will return a small amount of health to you every second, and this is calculated as a number not a percentage.  So the less damage you take then the more they can heal you back up for.

As you reduce your health pool further you eventually reach a magic number – 55hp – at which point your rejuvenation spells can keep up and heal 100% of the incoming damage, thereby making you completely impervious to all attacks, no matter how hard you’re getting hit!

This spec had its drawbacks of course; it relies on a combination of buffs and effects to be active at all times.  So, for example, if you come up against a foe that can dispel some of your abilities then you end up becoming vulnerable to attacks again… with 55 hp…  making you a quick dinner for anything with reasonably sharp teeth.

Still, as long as you know what to avoid then you can have fun tanking ridiculously powerful mobs that would cause all other classes topee their pants and run for the hills!

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