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12 October 2010



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EVE developers CCP have long been accused by their player of favouring certain alliances within the game.  Most of the claims levelled against the company were baseless – just the usual tit-for-tat arguments between various player factions which the CCP PR machine easily swatted away. 

However in the early months of 2007 a scandal erupted in the EVE community.  One of CCP’s staff members was caught red handed helping the Band of Brother’s alliance.

The guy in question was actually a player of the game, and a fully paid up member of BOB.  But in his day job he was a developer on EVE, and as such had the ability to do, well, pretty much whatever he wanted to the game.  The temptation to give himself and his buddies a little in game helping hand must have been incredible, and it didn’t take him long to cave in.

So over a period he quietly spawned a set of rare blueprints in the game, and then handed them to himself and his allies.  Blueprints are items in the game which allow the holder to manufacture good such as weapons and ships.  These can then be either used to strengthen your corporation or sold on the in game market for profit.  As the blueprints in question were extremely rare then they were therefore extremely powerful and valuable, and offered an edge to whoever possessed them.

CCP found out about all this during a routine internal sweep of their employees accounts. In the past they had fired employees for similar offences but this time they decided to tread carefully – fearful of the backlash would occur if things became public.

Unfortunately though CCP hadn’t counted on their eagle eyed player base, one of whom managed to knit together the pieces and work out what was going on.  He bust the story wide open on the EVE forums: not only had CCP been helping out BOB but they’d tried to cover it up!

The result was a full on virtual riot.  Fuelled by all the previous allegations and the fact that BOB was one of the most hated alliances out there, the official forums erupted in a volcano of anger, QQ and accusations.  Some players quit over the fiasco, others swore jihad against CCP, BOB and anyone else that got in their way, and CCP themselves were left having to grovel with their reputation in tatters.

One thing’s for sure: I don’t think CCP will be letting any of their employees play the game again in the near future!

If you want to know more you can see their PR machine’s response to the incident here:

Otherwise I’m sure EVE’s forum archive circa February 2007 is a fascinating read :-)
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Loved the article, but your link is broken. It should work here

Author: Anonymous | Posted: 09/12/2015 01:38:06

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