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12 October 2010

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This isn’t a single event but something that happened several times on various WoW servers – usually with the same hilarious results :-)

Kazzak was a raid boss back in vanilla WoW , a massive 40ft tall winged demon with a sword almost as big and a mean attitude.  He lived in a cave in the wilderness waiting for groups of adventurers to fight, and usually kill.

However, every so often, cunning and mischievous players were able to tempt him from his home and lead him off on a road trip of destruction around Warcraft’s eastern continent.

The tactic they used was known as kiting.  Put simply you run up to a bad guy, hit him a couple of times to piss him off, and then run like hell.  As long as you stay within a certain range of him he’ll keep charging after you, meaning that you can effectively lead him wherever you want. 

And where better to lead him than Stormwind? It is one of the major cities in the game, capital of the human race and always full of players.  So the kiter would run kazzak up to the main gate, at which point the computer controlled guards would attack him and swiftly die, leaving him able to progress in to the city itself and start wreaking havoc.

Now facing a threat to their city, the residents of SW would usually bite, players of all levels would charge in to the attack.  But they faced virtually no chance and generally died as soon as they got anywhere near him.

Remember that Kazzak was one of the hardest bosses in the game at the time.  Having a full team of 40 tooled up, focussed and experienced players at your disposable was by no means a guarantee of killing him at the best of times.  So when you’re fighting alongside a hastily gathered handful of low level noobs who were probably only in Stormwind to do a bit of shopping, well… you can probably guess the results…

Also to make things worse he had an inbuilt enrage mechanic, if he managed to kill an enemy or if a certain amount of time passed then he would go, for want of a better word, mental.  Suddenly he would go bright red, his attacks became twice as bad, and he would start healing himself up faster than anyone could damage him.  So he became invincible and severely pissed off at the same time!

First the players attacking him would die, then all the computer characters then he’d just go off looking for anyone in range to hunt down and kill.  Given that Stormwind is a major city, there was always a supply of fresh victims for him to hunt down.  Therefore the rampage could go on for hours, only eventually stopping when a Games Master (Blizzard employee) intervened and reset the game.  Leaving the kiter to slink away, quite happy in the knowledge that they had just killed hundreds of players and computer controlled characters and brought an entire city to its knees all by themselves… well maybe with a little help :-)

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The lions sing and the hills take flight. The moon by day, and the sun by night. Blind woman, deaf man, jackdaw fool. Let the Lord of Chaos rule.

Author: Anonymous | Posted: 24/04/2017 06:35:08

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