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12 October 2010

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In April 2005, with a daring act of corporate espionage, a gang of ruthless and cunning mercenaries infiltrated one of EVE Online’s player run corporations and conducted a lightning campaign of destruction, robbery and killing that brought it to its knees.

Several months previously the Guiding Hand Social Club, a mercenary guild specialising in warfare and contract killing, were hired to target and destroy a player called Mirial who was leader of the powerful player corporation Ubiqua Seraph. Rather than simply go on the attack, instead the GHSC members executed a cunning plan with the aim of inflicting damage not only to Mirial but to her* entire operation.

Their first step was to infiltrate Ubiqua Seraph, which they did – several of their operatives joined the corporation and then, over a period of several months, manoeuvred themselves into positions of responsibility at every level of their target corp.  They even put on mock skirmishes and other events to help them gain favour and standing with Ubiqua Seraph’s ruling elite.

After seven months of careful advancement they were in a position ready to strike: They had access to all the corp’s hangers and banks and other assets.  The only thing left to do was swoop in for the kill.

And on April 18th they did just that.  The first part of the attack was directed personally against Mirial.  A GHSC operative who had become close to her persuaded her in to a rendezvous with him in her most expensive ship.  When she turned up she found a team of GHSC assassins waiting for her.  They made quick work of her ship, and then also destroyed her escape pod – taking her corpse as a prize.

At the same time a code word was sent to other GHSS players poised for action across the universe. They then swung in to action: Emptying Ubiqua Seraph banks, stealing equipment and destroying what they couldn’t rip off.

Then just as quickly as it had started, the raid was over. All of the GHSC operatives involved had disappeared, heading off to gloat on the forums.

All said and done, the cost of the raid was awesome.  Counting up all the destroyed equipment and stolen cash and assets the grand total ran to roughly 30 billion ISK – The equivalent of $16.500 in real money at the conversion rates of the time.  When it happened this made it the biggest event of its kind in EVE history, and it still stands as arguably one of the most audacious! 

 *I’m assuming iMirial is a girl – if it is a bloke then it’s not my fault that ‘he’ has such a girly name :-)
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Author: Anonymous | Posted: 16/06/2011 08:50:47

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