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11 November 2010


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As we all know, apart from Raiding, PvP is one of the greatest past times in WoW. Now, World PvP is another level of awsumsauce.

Trade being Trade, some things about Horde coming to IF came up, being the person I am, I grabbed a friend of mine and started getting our defence raid up.

It soon escalated, we were gaining members too fast to handle, so we broke off into separate raids. Word got to the Horde about the defence, so they began to recruit more members for the attack.

Time pasted, we were up to 4 full raids when we spotted the vast amount of Hordes ascending the hill to the front gates. We saddled up, ready for some epic action!

The stair off was eternal it seemed, Where people were doing that 'No man's land' thing in between the groups, daring the others to make the first move. Of course you got that odd baby buffalo (as I like to call them) that run in and try to get the fight going. They don't last long.

After about 5 or so minutes I got bored and charged in, people followed and it kicked off! At first it was amazing fun, watching all these players going at it, Healers and Ranged in the distance with all the melee in one big ball in the centre. Then it went bad, as the AoE kicked in things started to lag ... bad. After that whole thing where your chat stays fine but your movement and game freezes, I was booted to the character log in page. Tried to log back in to save myself 'World Server is Down' We did it, we killed the Eastern Kingdoms. I logged my Druid (Who was in Dalaran at the time) To see what was happening, after a while the server came back up, there was a mass log in and thing got going again. Amazingly I wasn't dead!
While things got back to normal, we eventually got back into the fight (Which we won of course) Some how though it moved eventually from IF to Gnomerang (Don't ask how) until it finally finished.

Overall, great day, great fight and swelled my ego that much more knowing our little group got it started.
Héavenswrath, Server Best Death Knight Tank!

Azjol - Nerub EU


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