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12 October 2010

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So I was doing a bit of questing in Duskwood, levelling up a 25ish pally when I came across probably the biggest dictionary-definition n00b I have ever met!

Heading along the main road in to Darkshire I saw what looked like a warrior coming the other way.  Nothing strange there, but he happened to be dressed from head to toe in starter kit. From the recruit’s pants and braces, right through to the stupid letter-opener sword and buckler shield you get given when you start the game.

I checked him out,  yup he was level 2… and wandering around in a level 25-30 zone.  This piqued my curiosity so I decided to stop him and find out what he was doing.

It was ages ago and I can’t remember the whole conversation word for word but it goes something like this:

Me: Hey man, I gotta ask, what are you up to?

<the dude stops and looks at me, but no response>

…ok I’ll try again

Me: Just wondering what you’re up to man, odd to see a lowbie in this zone

<same deal, looking but no talking…>

..lol maybe this guys is more of a noob than I thought

Me:  :-| you type /say to talk

<another wait>

Noob: hello

Me: Ahh there we go! Hey man, I was just wondering what you’re doing in duskwood?

Noob:  I’m playing warcraft!

Me:  Yup, you sure are.  What I mean though is how come you’re here man this zone is too high for you!

Noob: I am doing a quest!

..here follows a lengthy conversation where I try to get out of him what quest he’s on.  Unsurprisingly it turn out he doesn’t know how to link quests, or open his log, and he can’t really remember what he’s supposed to be doing, but after a while I manage to piece together what’s been going on: Basically he got the first quest in Northshire Abby, got turned round trying to find the wolves (which are right next to the dude you get the quest off) and just carried on going!

This took him on a journey out of Northshire, down the road through Goldshire, (at which point he took a left), then all the way along the road through Elwynn Forest, past the Logging camp and in to Redridge. At this point he’d spun himself round and headed down the path in to Duskwood.  All in all he’d spent a good half hour on the road without once twigging that he was going the wrong way!

Ok so now I had this established I thought I’d help him out a bit…

Me: Ok dude, I gotta say you’re in the wrong place.  You need to turn around and go all the way back you came. Stick to the road and you’ll be alright.

Noob: No I want to do my quest

Me: Lol your quest is all the way back there - you took a wrong turn man, you can’t do it here.

Noob: Ok I’ll kill things here then

Me: That’s what I’m trying to explain man, you really won’t kill things here - they’re all much higher level than you.


Me: at you’re level you’ll have a massive aggro radius, as soon as you walk off the path you’ll be pulling mobs like a meat magnet.

<more silence, I’m imagining a confused look on the guy’s face>

..ok I’ll go again

Me: Put it this way man, everything around here is much stronger than you. If you get in to a fight you’ll get your ass kicked!

Noob: But I am a warrior!

…bah, I weighed up explaining how levels work and so forth, but seeing as I had things to do this Millenium I couldn’t be assed.  So instead:

Me: Look dude I’ll show you what I mean

<I challenged him to a duel>


Noob: You want to fight me. You’re nasty.

At which point he turned round and wandered off… He got about five steps when a Wolf charged at him from just off the track and gobbled him up in about two bites.

I then headed and got back to questing.  About half an hour later I passed the same spot, corpse still there, an hour later, corpse still there, some time after that, corpse about 100m up the road with an angry looking Worgen stood over it.

 And on it went, for the rest of the day I kept coming across his corpse in slightly different places in Duskwood until eventually he disappeared completely.

Did he make it back to Northshire? Did he ever get out of Duskwood, did he just log off and never play WoW again? I guess I’ll never know...

Colonel Ratticus

Holy/Shadow Priest - Azjol-Nerub EU


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I love this story ! Makes me laugh each time I read it.

Author: Anonymous | Posted: 03/11/2011 01:08:58

hahaha great tale that - agreed deffinition of NOOB-A-RAMMA

Author: Anonymous | Posted: 25/10/2010 03:13:22

Awww lol cant believe you had the patience to go through it with him lol i wouldve gotten so frusterated.

Author: tribecca | Posted: 21/10/2010 02:20:26

what a noob ! :D I bet he gave up in the end !

Author: Anonymous | Posted: 16/10/2010 02:08:40

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