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21 October 2010


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Was in Dalaran when i saw in trade how people were saying that we had suddenly been infested with gnomes, and alot of them.
And being curious about it I of course went to the city in question, Stormwind.
And what do i see? A whole lot of gnomes and theyre all naked running around outside the auction house and some are inside dancing with people of course i had to take some pictures of this.
It turned out that the Sha'tar server had gone down and they all decided to come visit ours for some fun. They had run all the way from Coldridge Valley to Stormwind and there it was decided they were all gonna go raid Hogger in Elwynn forest.
Running towards the place somewhere they all changed their minds and decided to crash Dalaran!
Of course some friendly lvl 80 mages stepped up to the challange of porting those hundreds of gnomes to Dalaran, to simplify things the gnomes formed a line and stood there in queue waiting for their turn to use the portal.
Thankfully they could go in groups of 4 or it all would have probably taken alot longer then it did.
One of the mages actually manage to run out of reagents where to a friend of his went to get some more.
So after about 30 mins or so of portalling most of the gnomes was now found in Dalaran.
At this point i decided to hearth back myself to have a look and well they didnt manage to crash our server but Dalaran surely was over run with naked gnomes.
This is where my story takes an ending though, it was late and I decided to log off for the night, so i do not know what went on the rest of the evening but as for me i had alot of fun watching this event take place.
I know there have been similar stories taken place but this is my story and im happy to have been a part of it..


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haha gnomes

Author: Anonymous | Posted: 09/11/2010 02:54:49

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