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08 November 2010

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This is probably my biggest n00b moment in WoW!

As I was levelling my first ever char I decided to pick upEngineering as a profession. Unlike other professions, engineering isn’t somuch aimed at helping out your epic raider; instead it’s all about makinglittle gadgets and tools.  Most of theseare completely useless in a serious fight but they’re a good laugh to messabout with :-)

I had one that I was particularly looking forward to, theOrnate Spyglass.  This is basically WoWs’answer to the telescope.  Use it and youcan see very far in to the distance, just the thing I thought for scouting out mobsand quest locations.  So I made a pointof levelling my professions, bought and made all the mats I needed and in notime at all I was in possession of one!

I equipped it straight away and then went for a little walkaround Stormwind to check out the sights, so far so good…

After having a play around with my shiny new toy I thought I’dput it away and get on with a bit of questing. I wanted to zoom back out to normal view because I couldn’t see wherethe hell I was going with the spyglass

So I pulled up the icon on my character menu and clicked onit… No change I was still zoomed in

I then unequipped it and put it back in my bag… still zoomedin.

Tried double clicking, right clicking, left clicking, andvarious combinations of the above on the icon… still zoomed in

Must be a bug I thought, so I logged out and logged back inagain… still zoomed in

Beginning to panic now, logout, reboot the computer, logback in… guess what still zoomed in.

At this point I was beginning to get desperate so I startedcoming up with weird and wonderful explanations to my problem:

Maybe it’s still working even though it’s unequipped and satin my backpack? So off to the bank I went to try and ditch it in to my bankaccount.  Given that all I could see wasa field of view in the far distance this was no mean feat.  In total it took me 15 minutes to get therein a trip that included bumping in to every bit of scenery and an excursion into the canal itself.

Finally I got there and was able to ditch the sodding thing –guess what: still zoomed in!


Ok screw this, despite the hours of effort I put in tocreate the spyglass I dragged it out of my back pack and deleted it. Surelythis would work, if the item no longer existed then the spell couldn’t either…nope still sodding well zoomed in!

So to sum up: My epic game of swords and sorcery had beenreduced to an infuriating close-up wall viewing simulator by an item that didn’teven exist anymore!

But it doesn’t end here… it gets worse: I resorted to askingon trade chat to see if anyone could help me out.  As you’ll imagine for the first 5 minutes orso I got plenty of catcalls and abuse.  Ialso got a couple of helpful sounding people suggesting that I could rightclick on the icon to cancel the effect. I explained that I had already tried this and that I’d gotten rid of theitem so I no longer had anything to click on!

One of them then stepped forward, he was an engineer himselfand he told me that if I could cover his costs he’d sell me a new spyglass so Icould sort myself out. As I had no other choice I agreed and handed over all myremaining money. He gave me the spyglass, and guess what it didn’t workeither.  When I asked him about it hecalled me a f***ing n00b and then started laughing at me with all the others ontrade.

Great: so permanently bugged in long sight, barely able tomove, completely skint and now the subject of ridicule of the entire server!

Time to log off and disappear me thinks!

For those who care:

Eventually I bumped in to a guildie who explained the situation. buffsand spells appear as a list of icons at the top of your screen.  These are the icons that everyone was talkingabout clicking on NOT the icon for the spyglass itself. So the answer wasstaring me in the face the whole time.  Yeah, well like I said I’m a n00b :-)

Colonel Ratticus

Holy/Shadow Priest - Azjol-Nerub EU


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Awww :( Lovely trade people always there for ridicule when you need it the most

Author: tribecca | Posted: 13/11/2010 04:10:02

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