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21 October 2010


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Right some back-round to this story I suppose, one evening my usual wow server went down so for a laugh a few of us jumped onto a RP serverto see what it was like.  So anyone thatknows wow RP servers knows that anything can happen. So we all made femalecharacters and went into Stormwind wearing nothing but our boots and .....wellonly the bits blizz won’t let us take off, and in the case of dwarves so gladfor that. It didn’t take us much time to draw attention to ourselves and wemanaged to find many very interested players very quickly.  One of the group who I won’t name as he doesn’tknow I am putting this up got on a 2 person mount with a level 80 and went tothe bar in the mage quarter. After I spent 10 minutes joking around outside theauction house I decided I wanted to see what he was up to, just as I arrivedinto the bar the guy said to him

Guy: What age u think i am


Mate:  18....


Guy: Lower


Mate:  16


Guy: Lower


I was on vent with my mate and the other 3 or 4 that joinedus on the server  so we were starting toget worried at this stage


Mate : I don’t know how old are u


Guy: 12...................


WE RAN OUT OF THERE SOOOOOOO FAST . I think this has got tobe the weirdest thing I have ever seen on a RP server. Anyone that has everbeen on a RP server knows people act like that but when a 12 year old is doingit, it seems so wrong.

I think I may have screen shots from that evening on my pc,so if I find them I will add them at a later date


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lol that was another time :P we had a pimp with us xD

Author: tribecca | Posted: 21/10/2010 02:18:30

Jesus man, i remember that. Was a stupid laugh. Remember i got like 400g that one time from them 2 people who were trying to get freebiees from us? Might post that :D

Author: Héavenswrath | Posted: 21/10/2010 02:17:33

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