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11 November 2010


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Logging onto an RP server every now and again can give some rather unpredictable results, often livening up an otherwise boring / dull evening.

Trying to get some sympathy though is easier said than done ¬.¬
Loading a level 1 human, rolling over to Goldshire, I was immediately assaulted for my 'Bad RPness' (A word apparently) All I did was ask if they wanted a good time! (Think what you want, it is fun ¬.¬)

I decided to bug my way up to the top of the inn, claimed I was going to throw myself off, expecting some RP sympathy was a little too much apparently.

Around 9 or so people proceeded to yell 'Jump!' ... 'End it ALL!' etc. So I did, I jumped, but apparently Blizzard likes it that you can jump from a house and not die at level 1!

Broken and embarrassed, I proceeded to log from the server, never to return ... until next week :D
Héavenswrath, Server Best Death Knight Tank!

Azjol - Nerub EU


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