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charles joho

07 September 2012


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hink Pink blush of the shoes has been able-bodied accustomed by the admirers admired shoes from the aboriginal Zoom Kobe V "Think Pink" copy to the accepted Zoom KD IV "Think Pink" copy has been a acceptable response, adopted acknowledgment afresh a brace of "Think Pink" adaptation of the Air Jordan VI, the aboriginal not aflame about this shoe is produced for the the claimed graffiti customized version, not official, the bazaar will not buy. But from the point of appearance the data of the shoes, this brace of shoes is the Air Jordan VI Oreo adaptation graffiti from afresh acclaim the superb graffiti ability of adopted friends.

Olympic blush of the Air Jordan VI auction today, this blush admission in the 2000 Sydney Olympics - Ray Allen cutting play, the ultimate American dream aggregation aswell won the Olympic gold medal. This is this blush engraved for the aboriginal time, but aswell as Nike to admire one of the 5 times Olympic bout launched in the dream aggregation of 20 years amid Olympic kit.Olympic blush Air Jordan VI July 7 all-around synchronization market, priced at $ 160.In mid-June this year,jordan 8 for sale the Jordan Brand engraved Air Jordan 12 atramentous color, this blush AJ12 aboriginal appear in 1997, this wish Jordan wore in the All-Star Game, but Jordan put on a black-and-white in the All-Star Game division The afterwards chase blush AJ12, these shoes did not clearly boarded the stadium. We adore them together.

Since the Air Jordan 1 to Air Jordan 2012 a absolute of 25 pairs of the archetypal books accept ceremony presented with 12 altered color, ceremony one uppers the ablaze atom covering matte aggregate exudes an aberrant new attending of the Air Jordan jordans 11 Rainbow Accumulating is currently the alone alternation of the Air Jordan yet added Offering news, you Flyers admirers amuse delay and see the addiction trend approaching connected tracking reports.


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