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13 November 2010


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This is a story about love and finding it in places that seems very unreal.
It starts with Jack living Holland and playing a game, World of Warcraft. Being on his own he gets invited to a guild by a leveling friend of his where he meets with several other people but one in particulary, Sue.
The two start playing more and more together and speak throughout the nights, enjoying eachothers company and learning more about eachother.
Sue, who lives in England is invited to a wedding and decides to invite Jack to go with her and her friend Lou and her husband.
Jack gets on a plane for England to meet up with Sue and they spend a wonderful weekend together.
Late sunday eve Jack flies back home, they both keep contact but Jack misses Sue a great deal and make the biggest decision of his life. He is moving to England.
Now 3 years later they have been married for a year and just this month a baby boy was born.
I call him the Warcraft baby lol
I know this isnt the only time this has happend ive read about other people finding eachother through this game before. Not all work out but the ones that do is truly a special thing and something to charish.
Love has a way of finding us even in the most weirdest places and distances. Its how we make of it and how we work on it that makes the difference if it will last us a lifetime.

The names ive use are fake but the story is true. And i wish the three of them the best of luck in life


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