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30 August 2014



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?A true classic sac chanel 2.55 of the Nike ACG line ; you could say?the shoe;s 1989 launch helped put the imprint on the Chanel Homme map ; the Air Wildwood is set to return this year, an all-too-welcome reissue after far too long an absence.

Black Chanel Pas Cher leather and purple ‘Posite converge on the upper, two colors that starkly juxtapose one another much more than usual, courtesy of the flat finish of the leather and the metallic glint of the ‘Posite. The result? Just like the other Eggplant Foamposites: clean, colorful and instant-classic.

No word yet on a US release so stay tuned, but you can grab a pair now at Australia;s Prime.

That upper can then be paire Sac Chanel Soldesd with a full-length Lunarlon unit or the classic rubber midsole.


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